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~Lost but not Forgotten:The minor duelists of YGO~
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Yu-Gi-Oh based. This is in dedication to all those that we know and love, but are often passed over. That's right, our minor duelists.

This is dedicated to all those that do not get enough recognition in the show/manga. But we love them anyway! Post anything about them, fanart, fanfiction, or just plain ramble about how you love those poor shmucks. ^_^

And now for everyone's favorite part:


(Please follow these as closely as you possibly can. If broken, you will face the fiery wrath of the mods, a_r0y4l_0utr4g3 and cozi_sama )

~Please keep all posts Yu-Gi-Oh related. Posts about how your favorite band is breaking up or how much you like pie are not allowed. Unless the band sings a Yu-Gi-Oh opening/closing song or the pie is in the shape of Yugi's head, we don't care.

~Please do not argue with each other! If you have a problem with a member of the community, please contact a Mod. The problem will then be settled fairly. Please don't bring your problems into the community.

~We are a very OPEN and UNDRSTANDING community. You know what this means? No yaoi, yuri OR het bashing is allowed AT ALL. Breaking this rule can result in suspension from the community. If you don't like a couple, that's nice, but don't go forcing your views on people. This means no rants of "GAY IS BAD" or "IF YOU DON'T LIKE YAOI YOU ARE A HATER"...ok?

~Character bashing is ok, but only in good taste. Please don't go on character bashing rants. No one wants to hear how you hate Ghost or Anzu. There are a lot of different fans out there, so please respect their fandoms. But, as I said, they ARE allowed....if they are FUNNY and in GOOD TASTE.

~Please do not spread any racial feelings or any kind of prejudice that you might have around the community. We do not support hate of any kind here. If you are racist or whatever you may be, please keep it to yourself. We are brought together for the love of Minor Duelists...and there are a lot of different people here.

~DuN tAlK LyKe DiS, KtHnXxXx! Please, people. It aggravates the hell out of all of us. Also, don't post three separate posts about one topic. This isn't that popular a comm, I promise, it'll still be on the first page when you come back.

~If you wish to post anything that is not suitible for children or not work-safe, please state so and place under a LJ-cut. If you don't know how, please ask someone.

~If you want to rant, that's just fine and dandy. As long as it follows the rules above and is UNDER A LJ-CUT then it's all good.

~Going along with LJ-cuts...please place large pictures under LJ-cuts for the slow of computer. Just so it dosen't take ages for their buddy list to finish loading. lol. Thank you!

~It's fine to post any links to other sites/comms and such as long as they are Yu-Gi-Oh related.

Well that's all for now! Rules will be updated and changed as much as the Mods think is fair. Remember, we are a pretty laid back community. Not much really upsets us, so unless you do something that REALLY breaks the rules...we may just pick fun a bit or ignore it all together. HAVE FUN KIDS!

Gotta problem? Contact the mods: a_r0y4l_0utr4g3 and cozi_sama

AND REMEMBER! Just because you lose to a main character dosen't mean that you can't have a following of your own ^.~