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hello thar~

It's been along time since I came here... I joined when I was 17 under the name of 'GhostKotsuzaka' I sorta went out of the fandom for awhile even though I still played the card game though thats not been in awhile either.... bah... >.>

Anyway. Hello. I am Raine, I write fanfiction my username on FF.net is now Funky Funky Usopp and I have my very own fic/icon journal under brotherhood_inc it's mainly filled with X-men evo stuff but shhh.

What brings me back? well last night I watched 'Aladdin' from total boredom and it had the hour glass thing... I turned to my friend and went 'Oooh! this reminds me of a sad ep of ygo with Mai vs Marik' and then we looked for it on youtube and found.. Ghost VS Bakura instead... one of my fav eps [despite poor little Ghost being deaded] and we watched it..

All I could do was squeal and go 'see he's so cute!' and so... I got back into the fandom. My fav chars are and will always be Ghost and Ryuzaki. I even named my hamster Ryuzaki [same temper and everything] though he died.... he lived to five though.

Yes this is all very random... but anyway... I missed the minor ppl of ygo D: I even had a site dedicated to them once..though I think it died.. but it was called 'Broken Glass' I cosplay alot now and I intend on cosplaying Esper Roba and Ryuzaki at some point in the future.

I shall be working on my fanfics once more, haza.
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