Fredd The Evil Bastard (robot_freddie) wrote in minor_duelists,
Fredd The Evil Bastard

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'Lo, Me be fredd.

'Lo, y'all, I am fredd, destroyer of evil.
Well, I'd LIKE to be a destroyer of evil, but oh well.

The reason I have joined y'all (do not be fooled by the "y'all"s, I'm actually from NYC)is because Weevil Underwood is the sole reason I watched Yu-Gi-Oh. Seriously. But then again, I dunno. I'm like teh human incarnation of him. Seriously.
I lisp, I have a bowl-cut, A morbid fashion disease of wearing charteause on far too many occasions, and, I have Weevil Glasses. Seriously!

But asides from that I have nearly nothing else to mention.
Aight, I think I made my point.
Weevil is Fricking Aweeessssooommme.

Okay. Bye for now.
(CHECK OUT THE Teloian_Complex community! Ye shallent regreteth!)

Love Kisses and the Occasional tuna Casserole.
Freddie D. Robot.
(yes my middle name starts with a D.)
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