+IAN+ (a_r0y4l_0utr4g3) wrote in minor_duelists,

Alright, kiddies. Time for a Mod update.

Thursday will probably dawn a new layout, because I'm sick of this one.

I'd like to have more things going on in this little comm of ours, but alas, there are but few active people on here. Not that I blame the inactive ones or anything, because this is one slow-ass community. And I've been saying it for a while, but I know there's definately more people on LJ who love our favorite underappreciated duelists.

I know you do, damnit. The DOMA arc definately gave us a few new Haga/'Zaki fangirls. x3

Uhhhhmmmmmm.... Yeah. Not much else to update about, 'Cept our two-year birthday's coming up next month. If I start seeing s'more action on here, I might do something with it, if not, no biggie.

Alright, salutations for now.
Still determined as hell to bring this comm to life
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